• Black Runtz
    MAC Cherryz
    LA Confidential

  • Green Crack

  • Bazookies

Black Runtz - Guerrillero Negro

Unleash the spirit of rebellion with Black Runtz - Guerrillero Negro, an intense indica strain that embodies the courage and determination of the Mexican guerrilla fighters. Like shadows in the night, this potent strain creeps over you, enveloping your senses in a cloak of relaxation and tranquility. Its dark, berry-like sweetness pays homage to the clandestine warriors who fought for justice.

Indica - Infused with Live Diamonds

Mac Cherryz - Fuego Rojo

Ignite your senses with Mac Cherryz - Fuego Rojo, an enchanting indica strain that pays tribute to the passion and intensity of Mexican corridos belicos. Like the blazing sunsets over the desert, this strain's fiery red hairs and cherry-like sweetness captivate the eye and palate alike, offering a truly mesmerizing experience.

Indica - Infused with Live Diamonds

LA Confidential - Secretos de Guerra

Unlock the mysteries of LA Confidential - Secretos de Guerra, an enigmatic indica strain that embodies the clandestine spirit of Mexican corridos belicos. Like a well-guarded secret, this strain's allure lies in its deep, dark hues and a complex flavor profile.

Indica - Infused with Live Diamonds

Green Crack - Relampago Veloz

Unleash the lightning-fast energy of Green Crack - Relampago Veloz, a potent Sativa strain that embodies the electrifying spirit of Mexican corridos belicos. Like a bolt of green lightning, this strain surges through your senses, awakening your mind and igniting a creative fire within.

Sativa - Infused with live diamonds

Bazookies - Leyendas Fusionadas

Embark on a legendary journey with Bazookies - Leyendas Fusionadas, a captivating Hybrid strain that seamlessly blends the best of Mexican heritage and the powerful essence of corridos belicos. Like an artistic fusion of flavors and effects, this strain offers a harmonious balance between relaxation and invigoration

Hybrid - Infused with live diamonds